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Skrillex nyan cat stamp by TheKikiWorld:iconskrilllaplz:  <-- I will never stop loving these :}c

I got back on the 16th and after unpacking and napping got straight to work!  Thanks for being patient while I was away.  My mum bought my grand's Pontiac Solstice and we had to drive it from Venice, FLA to b-town, CA and did it in 4 days o@
She's a lovely car (with my initials in her new CA tag, what a coincidence...) steering's tight on the street, but open her up heading out of west texas doing 85 and she's a dream.  No trunk, but the seats are comfortable so you don't get that 'road rash ass' like in some smaller cars (gives her dad's spyder the glance) I get first dibs for my troubles too!

I remembered Ohanami this morning and managed to get enough work done to go.  I got to see the big parade and eat some snacks.  Which makes for a good afternoon.  
Though the muni left something to be desired.  Who would have thought they were selling only general admission tickets today.  *starts dancing while squashed between the armpits of strangers*  2$ is cheap but there was only the music I brought with me. (not complaining)

I mean srsly, how hard is it to throw a few extra buses on the main lines across town??

On a final note, to the boy with the aviator sunglasses and sandy hair - you were darling and I have to say I love a man with headphones large enough to vibrate his brains into pudding.  
Rock on.

I ALMOST FORGOT!  I contacted the printer who makes custom scarves... I'm working on the pattern, but IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!  8D
*faints like a goat from all the excitement*  

For info about my tools, materials etc, check out the tumblr FAQ! --> TUMBLR FAQ
Any questions sent via tumblr get made into another FAQ tag. Sometimes I include pictures!
Progress shots -->…
Demo videos and how to's -->

Pricing Info:…
 Sculpture Queue:  Illustration Queue:
   Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke       Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke   

Apparently I've started a waiting list.  I'm doing my best to deal with this, so if you're interested in a commission, please send me a note with the specs (picture, size, location) and I will quote you.  If it is what you'd like then I can send you an invoice and you will be contacted when it is your turn.  
THXUPLZ for your patience ^u^

- hellonall (frixio sylph) hair/collar
                (bard illustration color flats)

- toothless (1sml)
- wabbit (1sml + prop)
- mishmish (1med)

Wait list: 0061, 0062, 0063, 0064, 0065

- THE Redpanda (OSU fan minion)
- emberfall0507 (April trade!!)
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Commission Info

single character, 9" X 12", pencil
single character, 9" X 12", full digital ink/color

4" character bust, painted - $200
3" Pokemon are priced by detail level - start around $100
3" 'almost mini' style, these are cartoon style animals - starts at $190, average is 250$ (proportional princess ponies start $250-270)
3" chibi character, these are for chibi humans / anthro - starts at $250, with an average of 320$

5" and over - contact for a quote.

1/12 scale (5.5") anime style figure - individually priced and start around $600
1/8 scale (8") anime style figure - individually priced and start around $800

all prices are basic and features like complex outfits long hair, wings, suspension, multiple limbs, and flowing cloth will increase the price depending on difficulty and fragility. I will do my best to ensure that your drawing or concept is copied 100% faithfully and you are happy with the final version.

prices do not include shipping - zip code or country required for quote.
inquire via a note or email from my website,

I take orders in 2 week blocks, then commissions close. During this period I will send out invoices for parties interested in a future space in the queue. The Queue is made by date of down payment, not invoice number.

Once the work is completed to a 1-2 week waiting period I will open again and take down payments and refill to 3 weeks. This ensures that I am not over worked, no one is forgotten, and the wait time is reasonable once money changes hands.

I will do my best to get to everyone.

These are OOAK creations, not meant for reproduction. If you wish to see if a piece can be reproduced in quantity please contact me separately so that the proper rights can be negotiated.

Meg IRL (Rachel Miner) is at an SPN con in Vegas this weekend and I just heard about it. I give up. I need hugs. ;n; 

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Doodle-3 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Your sculptures are amazing~
masterchilidog Apr 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I love your work. It's amazing. Wish I could afford it though ;~;
Congrats! You made my journal for the day. :)…

Amazing work!
Ivory-Bolt Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
the SKILL. <3
Can I ask what those rice krispie lookin' (cork?) circles your work-in-progress sculptures perch upon are?
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